Iain Blatherwick

Iain spent 11 years as Managing Partner at the law firm Browne Jacobson, a period which saw unprecedented growth from a turnover of £30m to over £80m at the time he stood down. He then wanted to make use of the skills, insights and experience – of both highs and lows – he gained as a leader and believed that this would be valuable to clients. Iain completed the Academy of Executive Coaching (AOEC) Practitioner Diploma course and is now a qualified coach accredited at Practitioner level by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC).

Iain knows what the responsibility, the pressure, the occasional loneliness of being a leader is like. Reflecting on when he most needed support as a leader, it often wasn’t that there was a particular problem that needed to be talked through, but sometimes he just needed a safe and creative space, away from the pressure and hustle of work, away from politics and from judgement – to think, to have ideas, to aspire – and to work out what really was important and where his attention should be directed.

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