Mark Buckle

Mark is a Risk and Control, Learning, and Culture specialist with over 20 years of multi-organisational experience in financial and professional services at corporates such as Barclays, RBS, Lloyds & KPMG.

Mark specialises in working with senior leaders and their teams to do the in-depth and challenging work that is required to realise genuine behavioural and cultural change. Mark excels at creating the conditions of psychological safety where leaders are able to speak frankly and meaningfully about issues so that they can develop and commit to strategies that are innovative, ambitious and aligned to their values. Mark then works with leaders and their teams to sustain their resolve as they develop the programmes to realise their strategy, and on ways to galvanise support for change.

Mark also consults on building Risk Management capability through innovative professional development programmes. Together with key stakeholders such as Cambridge University’s Judge Business School, he developed the first large scale, certified change programme with global reach focussing on compliance, conduct and culture.

Mark is an experienced speaker and facilitator. He works regularly with groups ranging from small leadership teams to summits with over a hundred participants. Mark has a degree in Economics and has lectured on Executive Development Programmes, globally on banking conduct programmes, and was invited to Sandhurst Military Academy to speak at the launch of their leadership doctrine.

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