Steve Lee

Steve works with senior executives and their teams to assist them navigate the inevitable strategic change, business and relationship issues that come with holding such positions in today’s volatile and unpredictable environment.  He brings a strong commercial focus to his work and leverages his experience, knowledge and insight to result in highly practical and pragmatic outputs.

Steve’s experience and skillset is particularly suited to working with clients in the areas of leadership development, strategy, business leadership and relationship management where his commercial acumen and insight into personal and team dynamics can be brought to bear.

Steve originally trained as a chartered accountant and was a Partner at Andersen and Deloitte. At both firms he was Managing Partner – Partner Matters .  He worked as a Chief Operating Officer and Global Head of HR for professional services firms before becoming a consultant and advisor.

Steve has a diploma from the Academy of Executive Coaching and is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants.  He has degrees from the University of Leeds and University of British Colombia in Canada.

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